Lost in my own obsessions


by atlas_nail (http://ift.tt/11NJAAb)


by atlas_nail (http://ift.tt/11NJAAb)

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Paleyfest OTP (◕‿◕✿)


All of this happened in less than 3 minutes…

I just wanted to spend one afternoon where we pretend that we’re not all drifting apart.

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and know that i watch everything you do // and hope that i never stop watching you
the day i stop is the day i’m through // you’re a marked man


3D Illustrations That Pop Out at You

Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki has an incredible knack for seeing the potential for cool perspective drawings along flat surfaces. As we’ve seen before, all he needs are some colored pencils, charcoal, and a few notebooks to create his amazingly detailed illustrations that jump off the pages in lively and entertaining forms.

In his playful 3D art, Hideyuki has drawn everything from silly monsters emerging from paper to a colorful Spiderman who is poised and ready for action. The artist focuses on strong lights and shadows and uses multiple notebooks propped and angled to produce his clever illusions of depth.

From a direct view, the drawings magically transform into three dimensional scenes but the truth is revealed upon a closer inspection from various angles. To see the artist in action and learn some of his tricks, check out the two videos.


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